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Sweet dreams.

Accommodation close to the regulars’ table

Accommodation at the Jochele means staying in a place where tradition and the zeitgeist meet. And somewhere with an eye for what matters. The new, generously proportioned rooms with balconies are the perfect base station for a hiking and culinary holiday in the Dolomites. Cosy, furnished with high-quality wooden furniture and everything else that goes with it. And because, after all, a holiday should first and foremost mean a break from the everyday, the Jochele provides the perfect opportunity to switch off. Your brain, the TV, and your smartphone. For this reason, internet access in the rooms is limited to certain times. After all, you’ll find the hottest news at the regulars’ table anyway!

30 m² | 4 persons
36 m² | 4 persons
HANSL snores
40 m² | 5 persons
40 m² | 2 persons
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