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An Instinct for the Exceptional.


Tradition meets the zeitgeist. The Jochele connects - the old with the new, down-to-earth South Tyrolean inn culture with a modern lifestyle. After the extensive renovation works, this appealing trait of the traditional inn can once again be felt - and seen. For example in the special ambience produced by the blending of historic architecture and new design: an imposing barrel vault here, there frescoes that came into being in 1959 in a cloak-and-dagger operation. The wood-panelled Jaga parlour, plus casual lounge chairs. A building that has stories to tell. But above all a place where people meet. At the regulars’ table and in the hotel lobby, in the Adler lounge and the guests’ garden.

Liesl says...
A glass of wine during a card game
is a tradition I am happy to acclaim!

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